ADVANTAGE VINYL POOLS - In-Ground & Partially Above-Ground Swimming Pools

  • Easier to maintain  and less chemicals needed than a cement pool.  With proper maintenance & water chemistry, your vinyl liner will last for many years

  • Keeps warmer because of the natural insulation feature of the "thermolite" hard bottom.  No need for a heater during the summer months.

  • Vinyl feels good.  In comparison, the plaster "finish" in a cement pool after awhile becomes rough which scrapes swimmers.  Children end up with scuffed up red feet, knees and elbows.

  • Repairs on a vinyl pool tend to be more minor and the least expensive to remedy as compared to other type pools - cement and one-piece fiberglass.

  • All three types of pools - in-ground vinyl, cement, and one-piece fiberglass - eventually need their "finish" replaced or resurfaced.  "When" depends on the environment and proper care.  A vinyl pool replaces its "finish" with a brand new liner.  Both cement and one-piece fiberglass pools require their complete inside to be resurfaced.  "Vinyl replacement" is faster and much, much less expensive.

  • Custom vinyl pools, when compared to cement and one-piece fiberglass pools, are far superior in situations involving ground movement (earthquakes) and expansive soils. The "unique" engineering on our pools allows them to be built in situations where the other types of pools cannot be built without extensive engineering.